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Time:2020-09-08 12:00:00

Wide angle:
  Reflective material reflective effect with wide angle. That is, when the light from the surface with the reflective material into a very large angle when the incident can still get a good reflective effect.
  The reflective strength of the reflective material is excellent and provides the most effective and reliable personal safety guarantee in the night or in a bad environment.
  Reflective materials to meet the various other products with the characteristics and uses, with reflective cloth, reflective heat
Lamination, reflective tape, reflective ink, reflective yarn and
  Reflective material has good resistance to aging, wear and washability. Most products can be washed or
Dry cleaning. After continuous washing, can still maintain a good reflective effect.
Flexibility and generality
  Reflective materials for a wide range of applications, can be used for security vest straps, work, jackets, rain gear, raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes and hats, etc., can also cut characters or silk screen logo and logo. In addition, the reflective film series can also be directly affixed to the surface of leather or fabric.