Reflective tripod

Time:2020-11-03 00:00:00

  Traffic safety signs a wide range, in the past are mostly painted with ordinary paint brand, night display is poor, it is difficult to effectively prevent traffic accidents. Now, domestic and international traffic signs face has been widely used glass beads and other directional reflective material. This sign with the help of car lights, so that the driver in a few hundred meters away can see the pattern on the card surface, greatly conducive to safe driving. In addition, reflective police uniform, reflective isolation belt; reflective road signs; reflective marking; reflective license plate and other facilities are also widely used.
  Reflective road cone; triangle warning frame will be the first time to remind you in front of the obstacles, for your personal safety, please detour.

  Packaging: Individually packed
  Specifications: Various specifications
  Material: reflective material
  Type: Safety signage