The role and application of reflective work clothes

Time:2020-08-14 12:00:00

  Reflective overalls are made of reflective material made of various light conditions can play a warning role in the clothing. It is typically composed of a brightly colored substrate (fluorescent) material and a reflective (retroreflective) material. Reflective material is the use of glass or prism-type material, making the incident light along the same direction to return. Made with glass beads reflective clothing label, coupled with fluorescent background, than non-reflective material in the light eye-catching hundreds of times. Fluorescent reflex effect, so that both in the day or night, in the light of the irradiation, are with the surrounding environment to form a strong contrast. Can be 800m distance by the driver found, and thus play a role in security and protection.
  Reflective materials are widely used in traffic police, traffic coordinators, sanitation workers, road construction workers occupational safety uniforms, played an excellent protective effect. Due to the popularity and consumption of reflective materials, the United States in the past decade, the number of night car accident deaths decreased by 40%. In the European and American countries in the various provisions or publicity have stressed the use of reflective materials, such as rain, fog, snow, night and other line of sight to distinguish the ability of the environment, the elderly, children outside, must wear or wear a specific reflective material signs or clothing.