Reflective vest safe

Time:2020-08-18 12:00:00

  Recently, in order to ensure the safety of grass-roots workers on the way to work at night, an oil field oil and gas gathering and transportation plant gas station specifically for the small class workers each custom, issued a reflective vest, so that workers in the evening to work during the work, To alert the vehicle, to ensure the safety of workers to work.
  The reason why the release of this vest is because the pressure station's leadership found that on the road often found that some vehicles due to reflective warning signs or in the absence of warning lights to open the case of maintenance of vehicles, resulting in the normal rear of the vehicle rear-end, resulting in serious Accident, which reflects the importance of reflective warning signs. So they think that business night workers often work in the middle of the night, if you wear a reflective vest, vest bright reflection will prompt the vehicle driver to find the front of the pedestrian, slow down in time, the actual consideration for the driver. Reflective vest is equivalent to set up a warning card for the safety of workers to increase the insurance.
  Some employees for this again and again praised: "Leaders want to be really thoughtful, put on the reflective vest, the evening walking to also feel at ease a lot." Even some employees think that this reflects the hearts of leaders really filled with the safety of employees, With this leadership work, we will certainly go all out, but also the safety of work on an important position.