Fog days in the anti-rear-end good way: to wear a car "reflective clothing"

Time:2020-08-22 12:00:00

  A few days ago the North China fog led to a number of car rear-end accident, many owners complained that fog days fog lights are not too useful. How to reduce fog caused by traffic accidents, Chongqing Expressway Law Enforcement Corps wanted a trick for the vehicle to wear reflective clothing.
  Car reflective clothing production principle is very simple, that is, in the abandoned advertising cloth affixed with yellow reflective chip, set the middle of the dangerous warning signs, and then tied to the rear of the car, the reporter found that wear this reflective clothing car at the visibility of the end Of the environment is particularly striking, can also be seen outside the meter, which naturally reduces the car rear-end accident occurred, and the production of such a reflective clothing costs less than 100 yuan, and easy to carry, warning effect is obvious, the current Chongqing The Fifth Battalion of the Highway Administration Corps is producing in mass.